Hadoop Training

RedLeaf is the best Big Data hadoop training institute in Coimbatore. You will get practical training on Hadoop by our Hadoop expert who have 5+ year industrial experience.

It is an open source framework.Used to store,process and analyze big data in different environment.It is developed to line up from single server to thousands of machines.


It is used in Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo,Google,LinkedIn etc.Moreover it is line up by adding nodes in cluster.

Course Objective


Using GFS as basis HDFS is developed.Hadoop Distributed File System.It can work with any mountable distributed file system.It provides shell like any other file system.


It is responsible for managing resource in single node. Resource Manager.Yet another resource Negotiator.It is a key in Hadoop 2 Version.

Map Reduce

It is software framework in Hadoop.Data will be in pair.(i.e) Key and Value. Two things in this:

Map Task.
Reduce Task.

Hadoop Common

It is a collection of common utilites and library used to start Hadoop and share the module to another Hadoop.It is a abstarction underlying operating system and its file system.


Resilient fo failure.
Cost Effective.