VB Dotnet Training


RedLeaf is the best VB.net training institute in Coimbatore. You will get practical training by our .NET expert who have 4+ year industrial experience.

It is based on BASIC and Visual Basic Programming Language.It is an Evaluation of classic Visual Basic language,it is not compitable with VB6 and any code written in old version will not compile under VB.Net.


Microsoft lanunched VB.Net in 2002 as the successor of original Visual Basic langugae.

Widely Used:

Part of .Net Framework.
Easy to learn.
Object Oriented.
Structure language.
Component Oriented.
Produce Efficient language.
Compiled on variety of computer platforms.


Standard Library.
Assmebly Versioning.
Properties and Events.
Automatic Garbage Collection.
Boolean Conditions.
Conditional Compilation.