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REDLEAF is a leading provider of Oracle consulting support and training services. Don't trust your mission-critical Oracle database to a novice.

Smart managers use real Oracle experts, credible professionals with a proven track-record. There are many compelling reasons to use a well-known Oracle team that you know and trust.

REDLEAF provides outstanding Oracle professionals with a dedication to quality, each with a reputation as an author and Oracle expert.

REDLEAF is a wise choice for Oracle systems development projects because we create experienced teams to get your project done right; on-time. Oracle professionals know that inexperienced consultants are not a bargain, and that experience is critical to success. All REDLEAF consultants have extensive real-world experience and the know-how to get right to the heart of your problem, fast.

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Redleaf Consulting Support

REDLEAF is proud of our exceptional staff and our consultants are experienced certified Oracle professionals, knowledgeable experts who are dedicated to ensuring that our client's receive world-class Oracle support and Oracle consulting services.

Why not use a guru? REDLEAF support and consulting services are priced by the hour, so you only pay for what you need. Plus, you get expert support from Certified Oracle professionals.

REDLEAF Database and E-Business Suite(EBS) Support services

Oracle Migrations and Upgrades

We offer wide range of migration services to help you migrate your data from legacy systems or non oracle data sources to Oracle database, helping you reduce the effort, cost, and risk to get your solution migrated to Oracle. We also provide upgrade services for Oracle applications, including Oracle 11g.

Remote Oracle DBA Support

REDLEAF offers hassle free remote Oracle DBA support. Our Oracle monitoring service ensures that you avoid unexpected downtime.

Oracle Training

REDLEAF is the top provider of customized on-site Oracle training. All REDLEAF training instructors are experienced Oracle professionals with years of real-world experience. On-site Oracle training is a great way to train your resources with reasonable rates and high quality training.

Oracle Performance Tuning

REDLEAF consultants are specialized in monitoring and tuning all Oracle databases, including RAC and Oracle Applications. Our Professionals are experts at Oracle instance tuning, SQL tuning and server-side tuning for Oracle. Our experts ensure that your database design is robust and scalable and we specialize in Oracle capacity planning.

RAC Implementation

The primary goal of RAC can be summed up in a single word: Uptime. Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) represents a breakthrough in Oracle database technology, but it is also one of the most complex database configurations to implement and support. REDLEAF has a team of experienced RAC engineers that your organization can rely on to help configure and support your RAC environment. REDLEAF provides senior-level expertise to assist Oracle RAC customers at every stage of their implementation, from the initial assessment to post-production performance tuning. Flexible solutions for your business.

ASM Implementation

Automated Storage Management (ASM) was designed to simplify database administration. ASM eliminates the need for the DBA to directly manage the thousands of Oracle database files that could be present in a modern Oracle database. ASM does this by enabling ASM disk groups, which are logical units comprised of disks and the files that reside on them. Using ASM, the management of thousands of Oracle files is reduced to managing a small number of disk groups.

We can configure the Automated Storage Management (ASM) in the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), Server Control Utility (SRVCTL) or Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), and these interfaces are used in Oracle Database 11g to features for conventional and Real Application Clusters (RAC) environments.