Redleaf WMS

Redleaf Workforce Management System (RWMS) is a field force and network automation services for the utilities industry.

It enables fast and targeted steering of the field team and ensures that the right person is in the right place at the right time, including all necessary parts, tools and equipment, and information on the customer and the network.

At REDLEAF, we have the experience, expertise and capabilities to help you innovate and transform your healthcare enterprise into an eco-Enterprise.

RWMS processes data and tasks from a variety of sources, for example GIS or ERP, or other corporate systems for operational tasks such as servicing, maintenance, fault remediation, meter readings, etc. Functions for route planning, analysis and workflow control round off the product.

Planning Board for Job Preparation Scheduling

The digital planning board for job preparation scheduling is the linchpin of the system; it can be managed via a user-friendly web application. Job preparation scheduling is thus capable of manually assigning jobs to staff and coordinating the handling sequence. Jobs can also be assigned semi- or fully automatically based on defined rules and specifications.

Online Communications

The planning coordinator and the field units communicate online. The assigned jobs are accepted and processed on mobile terminals. Any status changes and data are transmitted back as necessary, so that work progress is visible on the planning board at all times.

Basis for Strategic Decision-making Processes

A third component of RWMS models long-term targets: deployments can be monitored and statistically evaluated with the aid of dashboards. RWMS either creates or identifies reports and metrics, as well as making forecasts, e.g. on future personnel utilisation. The data acquired in this way can also be employed in advanced systems in the business intelligence field, in order to further underpin network development and status forecasts.

RWMS is a proven solution for your managing your field work force and has been successfully tested in RAPDRP project. For more information on RWMS, contact